Small Business’ Owner’s Guide

 Ever been shopping only to find a product that has branding (could be the name or logo design) that’s similar to another brand you know very well? Picture walking into a coffee shop that’s not Starbucks but walking out  maymocxaydung with a coffee cup with branding that looks similar to that of Starbucks but is not quite Starbucks.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? These guys are trying to imitate Starbucks or even knock them off. Right?

The price might be lower than the original and the product might even be of higher quality, but you’re not going to trust the business.

As a business owner, building a unique brand is an effective way to build brand trust. Imitating an already well-known brand might grab customers’ attention, but you’re not going to earn their trust.

Use Consistent Branding Across Various Channels

Long gone are the days when your store-front was the only medium on which to use your branding. These days, you have a website, social media networks, blog, and more.

Using consistent branding across various channels helps make your customers trust your business more. Constant branding means displaying the same logo, font, colors, and other visual elements on every platform your business is on.

You don’t want a customer interacting with  soncoservices your brand on Facebook only to head to your Twitter page and start wondering whether it’s still the same company. Inconsistent branding sows the seeds of doubt in your customers’ hearts and the little trust you had earned will evaporate.

Live Up to Your Brand’s Mission

Your brand has a mission.

It could be to transform a specific aspect of life in the local community. Or maybe you want to change the entire world. Whatever it is, customers are more likely to trust a brand that lives up to its mission.

First, ensure you’ve raised awareness  pittsburghseoservices so that your target market knows what it is. Brand videos are an effective way to communicate this message, so ensure your brand video production is top-notch.


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