Different Types Of Taxes Small Businesses

 You will be responsible for paying these taxes as a small business owner. In fact, if you don’t file your own returns, someone else (like an accountant) will have to do it for you. The good news is that you can do things to reduce your total tax liability as a small business owner.

For example, if you use a vehicle for both  tekrati personal and business purposes, take advantage of whatever deductions or credits are available for that type of expense. Plus, you can implement several other financial tips to help with your overall cash flow and ensure that money is coming in when it needs to come in.

Income Tax

If you’re not a big business, you most likely pay income tax on what you make. As a small business owner, your income is taxed as personal income. There are two ways to pay: with a Schedule C (self-employment tax) or as part of your personal returns.

It might sound like semantics, but it matters. Small businesses on their own aren’t taxed separately from their owners—they’re just counted toward your balance sheet. But if you include your company’s taxes on a separate schedule C, you may qualify for more deductions and credits and save yourself some money.

When it comes time to file taxes as an individual and as a business, keep in mind that certain expenses don’t transfer over. Only those that apply directly to your business can be written off. You can still deduct health insurance costs for yourself and any other W2 employees as an expense for yourself, but not as an expense for the company.

That means using your own vehicle for business  valiantceo use will count against your take-home earnings, even though you used it all day at work. The same goes for phone bills, gas for that same car, and pretty much anything else you buy personally that’s related to running a small business.

Payroll Tax

When you start a small business, you don’t have to pay income tax on your earnings. However, you must pay payroll taxes, which are divided into two parts: Social Security and Medicare taxes. The Social Security portion may go up or down Kordinate  over time based on how much money is being paid out by Social Security recipients.


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